Sunday, January 8, 2012

Winter Challenge Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Winter Challenge contest! The top 10 scores are posted below (with some minor name modifications for privacy, so I'm not posting your e-mail addresses):

4550 - Steven
4420 - Fillers
4340 - Leng
4290 - Justin
4250 - Kenneth
4070 - Benjamin
4060 - Peter
4050 - Les Amour
4030 - Yadriel
3970 - Talos

Steven and Fillers will both be receiving a signed print provided by Aviation Historian John Mollison. All of the above winners will receive all future Prolific Games titles for free, and of course bragging rights. ;-)

The winners should be receiving e-mails shortly.


Wily said...

COOL! Congrats to all - I hope Steven and Fillers appreciate their unique prizes.

Remember - never place the artwork under anything but "UV RATED" glass. Doing so will help preserve the colors of the airplane and also the paper.

Best wishes to Pocketwar...and continued success. :)

John Mollison

Wily said...

And it looks like I logged in with my OTHER google ID.

Oh well.