Sunday, January 8, 2012

Winter Challenge Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Winter Challenge contest! The top 10 scores are posted below (with some minor name modifications for privacy, so I'm not posting your e-mail addresses):

4550 - Steven
4420 - Fillers
4340 - Leng
4290 - Justin
4250 - Kenneth
4070 - Benjamin
4060 - Peter
4050 - Les Amour
4030 - Yadriel
3970 - Talos

Steven and Fillers will both be receiving a signed print provided by Aviation Historian John Mollison. All of the above winners will receive all future Prolific Games titles for free, and of course bragging rights. ;-)

The winners should be receiving e-mails shortly.

Winter Challenge

The Winter Challenge contest is now officially over. I was surprised and delighted at the number of entries! I'll be compiling the scores tonight and should have the winners posted and notified shortly after.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Update!

The latest app version should have resolved the crash issues on iPhone 3g and older devices. Please let me know if there are any more issues! I'm on a newer version of Apple's SDK, and older device compatibility is getting a bit more complicated. ;-)

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Complete the Normandy Campaign, and submit your high score to enter the Winter Challenge contest!

1st and 2nd Place winners will receive a signed print provided by Aviation Historian John Mollison! These beautiful and historic works of art feature specific aircraft of the 352nd FG, as flown in World War II, and are not only signed by John Mollison but also by the pilots that flew them. See for more of John's work!

The top 10 scorers will also get free access to all future Prolific Games titles!

To Enter:
1. Complete the Normandy Campaign.
2. Take a picture of the Campaign screen on your iPhone, as seen in the images below. This is so I know it's really you!
3. E-mail the picture to with your combined score for the Normandy Campaign in the subject.

The Winter Challenge contest ends Jan 07, 2012, and is only valid for the standard version of Pocket World at War. Ties will be decided by the highest score in Mission 1, followed by Mission 2, and so on. In the unlikely event there is still a tie, the order in which the entry was received will break the tie.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hmm. Maybe?

WWII Fighters

I recently received a wonderful note from a fan of the app, John Mollison, an amazing artist who spends his time interviewing WWII and Korean Conflict pilots and drawing renderings of their aircraft.

I found John's work simply inspiring, and the stories are the kind that should be shared. Highly encourage everyone to take a look!
John's Website

Now Available in HD!

Pocket World at War has been available on the iPad for a little over a week now! For those who purchased the iPhone version, I'll be running a promotion where it will be free between the 28th and 31st. Great time to pick it up and save the 99c.

Note, the iPhone version was also updated to 1.3, fixing a few issues.