Wednesday, September 28, 2011

World at War HD!

The new iPad version of Pocket World at War has shipped and is on it's way to Apple! Finally. If all goes well it should be available in the next couple of weeks.

Goodness found in this version:
  • Larger mission map with no scrolling. Taking full advantage of the iPad screen.
  • Road and River movement. Rivers are especially nasty to cross when being pursued.
  • You can toggle the music on or off.
  • Rebalanced and retooled missions.
  • Brand new HUD and UI.
  • Better looking snow maps.
  • Increased unit counts in many missions.
  • Several major AI and pathfinding fixes that might increase the challenge a bit.
If you've played the iPhone version, I actually recommend you hold off on the iPad one. While it's the definitive version right now, it covers the same missions as the original iPhone release, and if you played the heck out of the iPhone version (and if you read this blog you must have), then you won't find a lot new yet. I'll be running a free promotion in a few weeks, so best to pick it up then. Enjoy the screens!


Baska said...

Great! Love it already and this HD will be even better!

Togder Augusto said...

I bought the game a few days ago and bam! A super update.

anonymous 2.0 said...

Sitrep on generals for iphone???

Anonymous said...

Made a thread @ toucharcade forums to spread the word

Prolific Games said...

iPhone Sitrep: I'll be doing a quick iPhone update over the next week fixing some of the ai and pathing issues I found while working on the HD version. Oh, I'll also get a music on/off option in there.

Some groundwork has been done on the Generals update for iPhone, but realistically counting weekends it's got a ways to go.

To be honest with you all, I've been considering if concentrating my next effort on a new title might be more exciting for everyone? Something more in depth and building off of what I've learned. Also I'd love to tackle a multiplayer option from the get-go.

As a semi-aside, I've been really enjoying Axis and Allies War at Sea, the miniatures game. As well as some Close Combat revisiting.

anonymous 2.0 said...

I think a new title would be awesome!

Togder Augusto said...

Any idea about a campaign map?